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Safety for kids and families

Super Safe Kids resources teach kids and their families about safety and self-advocacy skills for the home, the community and the health care setting. Focusing on everyday health and safety issues, Super Safe Kids provides tools and information to increase engagement in health and safety, reduce healthcare disparities, and improve self-advocacy skills for kids and their families.  

The Super Safe Kids philosophy

Safety is about preventing danger, not just avoiding it. Super Safe Kids takes a step-by-step approach to safety issues, using kid-friendly language and evidence-based safety practices for kids and families.

Super Safe Kids’ tools are for all children, with special topics for kids with medical needs and disabilities. The tools promote health literacy and family engagement as a way to improve safety and health and reduce disparities.

Hospital Safety

Pediatrician Visiting Father And Child In Hospital Bed. Credit: iStockPhoto

No hospital is error-free, but understanding safety risks and how to prevent them can help kids avoid infections, dangerous falls, and medical mistakes.

Community Safety

Photo of African American boy with glasses and short hair, wearing a green sweater and sitting in a power wheelchair

The world can tough to navigate, especially for kids with disabilities. All kids can participate in staying safe in the community.

Super Safe Kids books

Montage of Super Safe Kids book cover images for Hospital Safety for Kids, The Spine Surgery Book for Kids, Home Care CEO, Power Wheelchair Safety for Kids, and Central Line Safety for Kids

Super Safe Kids books engage kids in improving safety and health while promoting health literacy and self-advocacy .