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Keeping your young patients safe and involving their families in their care just got a little easier with Super Safe Kids.

Super Safe Kids books and materials are developed using evidence-based safety practices and psychological research on engagement and critical thinking.

The tools are designed to:

  • Increase patient and family engagement
  • Improve health literacy
  • Help kids and families understand key safety issues in the hospital
  • Help families participate in safety in the hospital with evidence-based practices

Developed by an educational psychologist who is also the parent of a medically complex child, the Super Safe Kids hospital tools focus on patient and family engagement as a path to improved hospital safety. Learn more about the author

Hospital safety books for kids (and their families)

Hospital Safety for Kids

Research shows that patients and families who are engaged and involved in health care have better health outcomes.

Hospital Safety for Kids engages pediatric patients and families in self-advocacy, to support medication safety, infection and fall prevention, and collaboration as part of the health care team.

Central Line Safety for Kids

In alignment with national initiatives to prevent central line infections (CLABSI),  Central Line Safety for Kids teaches kids and families evidence-based practices for safety and care of central lines, focusing on hygiene and patient safety guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The Spine Surgery Book for Kids

The journey to spinal surgery can be tough for kids and their families. It helps when kids understand what will happen to their bodies and why.

With kid-friendly explanations and images, The Spine Surgery Book for Kids helps kids understand the basics of spinal surgery.


Super Safe Kids hospital safety tools were developed based on best practices published by:

  • The Joint Commission
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • US Food and Drug Administration
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