Wheelchair Safety

Kids learning to use a new wheelchair have to learn about safety for themselves and others. Learning how to operate the wheelchair, understanding how to avoid danger, and helping others stay safe with the wheelchair are important ways to keep your wheelchair user safe.

Beyond knowing how to operate the wheelchair, which can be learned from the user’s manual, being safe in a wheelchair means maintaining the chair, looking out for hazards and being skilled at navigating in different settings.

Free Downloads

Wheelchair Safety Toolkit

For manual or power wheelchair users, the Wheelchair Safety Toolkit introduces families to the major safety issues with a wheelchair and helps build safety skills.

The toolkit also has safety information for peers and adults to be safe around a wheelchair and be good advocates.

Power Wheelchair Safety Outing

The Power Wheelchair Safety Outing document helps families plan outings to practice specific advanced wheelchair safety skills in the community.

Print and use the checklist to plan which skills you will work on and determine which skills still need a little more practice.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

For advanced wheelchair skills, Power Wheelchair Safety for Kids engages kids and families with ways to stay safe and avoid accidents in a power wheelchair, aligned with national safety initiatives to improve safety and community travel for wheelchair users.

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